ASEAN Journal on Science and Technology for Development


In this paper, preparation of ethanol from waste pomegranate fruit using fermentation and distillation method have discussed. The spark ignition engine out emissions were tested at various operating speeds using four different ethanol blends. Experimental results showed that the ethanol mixing in pure Gasoline increases quality of engine out emissions except Nitrogen Oxides. The 15% ethanol blend and 1500 rpm engine speed were found as optimal input values providing enhanced performance. Based on the experimental results, training datasets were prepared in which emission characteristics of engine were mapped with engine speed and ethanol combination with petrol. These datasets are used to train Artificial Neural network and Rule learner classifier for setting up relationship among emission characteristic, speeds and ethanol combinations. It was observed that proposed Rule learner classifier offered higher classification accuracy than that of Artificial Neural Network. This study recommends Rule Learner algorithm to form exact and accurate relations between emission characteristics, speed and ethanol combinations.

Publication Date


Received Date

04 August 2021

Revised Date

13 October 2021

Accepted Date

14 July 2023