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The disintegration of mudrock during moisture content change caused severe cases in several engineering works in Indonesia. One interesting site is Hambalang, Bogor Regency, West Java Province. The wetting and drying cycle is the easiest and fastest test to evaluate disintegration. After undergoing the process, samples of mudrocks disintegrate into smaller fragments. This paper evaluated the characteristics of the slaked material of mudrock by quantitative indices. The mudrock evaluated in this study underwent rapid disintegration in a short period, indicated by megascopic description and quantitative indices. In addition, evolutionary disintegration up to eight cycles has the same characteristics as the gradual rate after rapid disintegration in the first cycle. The disintegration ratio assesses the area on the retained fragment size distribution graph. The disintegration index was very high in the first cycle for almost all samples, but the varying size showed a low disintegration ratio value. The disintegration characteristic of mudrock may be related to its absorption and void ratio. This paper can contribute to the detailed characteristics of representative mudrock samples in Indonesia to consider serious problems with countermeasures in engineering design.

Publication Date


Received Date

28 May 2022

Revised Date

09 July 2023

Accepted Date

14 July 2023