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Abstract. Bioactive compounds from plant derived in food application become increasingly in demand due to natural and nutritionally safe products. Due to some issues concerning food safety on the excessive use of synthetic preservatives; the present study aims to investigate the natural alternatives to synthetic antimicrobial food additives. The chicken meat’s shelf life was studied by adopting bio-based antimicrobial agents using three of selected native medicinal plants; P. betle, A. catechu, and A. tricolor, against common foodborne pathogens; E. coli, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus, and Salmonella spp. The overall results revealed that, all study extracts possessed antioxidant properties by DPPH method, one of the extracts considered safe for food related application. All three plant extracts demonstrated antimicrobial activity. A. tricolor and P. betle revealed a better antimicrobial agent than antibiotic Gentamycin against P. aeruginosa. However, only A. tricolor extract was the only extract that able to maintain and improve the shelf life of chicken meat naturally without affecting the optimized conditions, at certain frozen storage period, thus proposes A. tricolor extract to act as effective food related application.

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