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This study investigates the release behaviour of Butterfly Pea (BP) anthocyanins from Sago starch micro-composite (SMC) films in the presence of food stimulants. To comprehensively describe the release profiles of BP from SMC, six well-established kinetic release models were employed which includes Korsmeyer-Peppas, zero-order, first-order, second-order, Higuchi, and Hixson-Crowell models. These models played a crucial role in examining how the release fraction changes over time, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the release kinetics of BP anthocyanins. Our data analysis revealed a strong conformity with the Korsmeyer-Peppas model, suggesting its applicability in describing the release of BP anthocyanins from SMC. The predominant release mechanism observed in this study was consistent with Fickian diffusion, as indicated by values of n < 0.50. This investigation provides valuable insights into the release dynamics of BP anthocyanins from SMC films when subjected to food stimulants, contributing to the scientific understanding of controlled re-lease systems in food and pharmaceutical applications.

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