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The cooling effect of different vented packaging designs was investigated for packed muskmelons fruits in a commercial cold storage condition. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation and experiments were used. The airflow pattern, heat transfer and temperature profiles were predicted from simulation and analysed. The CFD results reveal an uneven and low efficient airflow distribution inside a commercially used vented packaging (Box A). This resulted slow cooling of the fruits in Box A. Two newly designed packaging (Box B and Box C) showed better airflow distribution around the fruits and cooled them faster than Box A. The design of Box C performed better in cooling the fruits than Box B. Boxes B and C of new designs were made from similar cardboard used for Box A. Boxes A, B and C were used for cooling experiment that was conducted using a cool room with the conditions similar to commercial application. The accuracy of the model to predict the temperature profiles of muskmelons was verified against experimental data, and the results are consistent with the experimental results. The highest temperature difference is less than 1.0°C. Box C found to be better for packing muskmelons for cold storage.

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