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The composition of fats and oils significantly impacts the flavour, nutrition, and appearance of food. Excessive consumption of saturated fatty acids, primarily found in animal fats, raises the risk of coronary heart disease. To address this, plant-based fats are used as substitutes, with microalgae offering unique nutritional benefits as a fat source. This study evaluates the performance of structured plant-based fats, incorporating microalgae (Aurantiochytrium sp. SW1), as a fat substitute in chicken patties. Four formulations were tested: 0% (control), 5%, 7%, and 10% structured microalgae-based fat. Colour, texture, water-holding capacity, cooking loss, and microstructure in both raw and cooked samples were examined. The chicken patties with microalgae-based structured fats exhibited significant differences in water-holding capacity, lightness, redness and microstructure (p

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