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Traditional Bruneian delicacy which are often reserved for special occasions; called the kelupis Sulang made from glutinous rice, coconut milk, and the flesh of the Brunei Sulang fruit’s protein content were studied. The protein content of both kelupis and the sulang fruit were examined using both qualitative and protein concentration analyses. The analysis was performed using the Xanthoproteic test, Ninhydrin test, Sulphur Reduction test, and the Biuret test. The readings were obtained from the UV-Visible Spectrophotometry and revealed an average protein concentration of 21 mg/ml in aqueous extracts of kelupis sulang and 26.8 mg/ml in aqueous suspension of kelupis sulang at various wavelengths (280 nm, 450 nm, 540 nm, and 550 nm). These findings underscore the nutritional significance of a delicacy that is typically enjoyed only on special occasions, shedding light on its potential to contribute valuable protein resources to meet dietary requirements.

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16-September- 2023

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