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Sugar has been linked to obesity and chronic diseases. Unfortunately some "healthy products," such as flavored milk, contain high sugar. In the Philippines, such an issue is made worse by local brands not putting nutritional labels on their products. Thus, a cheap, home-based method to measure total sugars should be beneficial. In this paper, we have shown that after incubation with invertase and lactase, a glucometer can be used to measure total sugars in flavored milk on-site. All experiments except the weighing of invertase and lactose were done in a home setting for actual proof of concept. The total sugar of four commercial milk products was determined, the method's accuracy was estimated based on the nearness to the labeled claim. The estimated accuracy was 96.26, 111.41,106.19, and 113.35% for Nestle Fresh Milk, Chuckie, Chocolait, and Nutriboost, respectively. The results would help health-conscious individuals who need at least a ball park figure of their sugar intake. With glucometers costing only 7 USD and the test strips 0.2 USD a piece when purchased online, the study suggests that this simple method can be used for on-site estimation of total sugars.

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