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Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar, is situated near the Sagaing Fault (the major fault in Myanmar). In the Mandalay region, the number of low-rise buildings is much greater than that of high-rise buildings. As such, seismic safety assessments of low-rise buildings play an important role in developing Mandalay as a smart city. In this study, the rapid visual screening (RVS) and preliminary evaluation for 26 numbers of three- to eight-story RC buildings were investigated with three different RVS and preliminary evaluation methods. Based on the RVS methods, the FEMA P154 Level 1 and 2 results gave the highest risk. With the Bangladesh method, the higher the story, the more vulnerable the building. Meanwhile, the Indian method showed a medium risk status. According to the preliminary evaluation, the assessed buildings need a detailed seismic evaluation, except for one building in the Indian method. Similarly, all buildings need a detailed evaluation in the Bangladesh method. The most convenient RVS and preliminary evaluation can be derived from these results for buildings in Mandalay, Myanmar. Moreover, a method can be developed for seismic safety assessments in other ASEAN countries with subsequent research.

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